Teeth Grinding & Clenching Treatment


  • Painful, aching jaw?
  • Tension headaches?
  • Sore, sensitive teeth?
  • Morning headaches?
  • Stiff neck?

What does clenching my teeth have to do with these problems?

The high-intensity contractions of these powerful muscles become painful and the forces generated cause pain to surrounding tissues, joints, and other muscles. By reducing the intensity of the clenching, you’re effectively minimizing the source of the pain – in many cases, in just a few days.

Has this treatment been tested?

The NTI-tss device has been used successfully with hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States and many other countries. It has received marketing allowances from FDA and complies with all requirements as an approved dental device.

What can we do to help?

In one office visit we can create a custom-made NTI-tss device. The tiny, clear-plastic device fits over your top or bottom two teeth. You only wear the NTI-tss device while you sleep at night. It makes clenching virtually impossible. In a few days or weeks, your clenching reflex is suppressed.

Morning headache pain, neck pain, sore jaw, and other related pain associated with involuntary intense clenching usually begins to resolve and disappear.

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